Goal Setting Skills Scale


Assesses skills needed to direct an effort to reach a desired result. This scale would be helpful to a mentoring program hoping to increase mentee’s internal motivation and abilities for working toward future goals.


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Where to find or download

This instrument can be found in CSAP’s Core Measures document on pages 91-93.

Goal Setting Skills Scale.doc

Fees and Requirements

No cost. Copyright Tanglewood Research. Approved for CSAP use with source citation. Mentoring programs can contact source for permission to use: Dr. Bill Hansen Tanglewood Research Inc. 336-662-0090 billhansen@tanglewood.net

Age Range

Middle school, junior high, high school.

How to Administer and score

Pencil and paper self-report; four-point scale (Never to All the time).


Tanglewood Research (336-662-0090; billhansen@tanglewood.net)

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